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A Christmas Update... [Dec. 28th, 2005|02:44 pm]
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Hey y'all!

I hope everybody had an awesome Christmas!

I got an iPod Nano...a Razr Phone...Friends Season 1 on DVD...an AUTOGRAPHED picture of BRODIE CROYLE...clothes...make-up...earrings..money and lots of other cool stuff!

I'm going to Mobile and Phenix City over the New Year Weekend...so unfortunately I won't be available for New Years' Kisses...sorry guys! Ha...j/k...I wish...

Anywayz I hope everybody has an amazing New Years!

I LOVE y'all!


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(no subject) [Dec. 21st, 2005|07:56 am]
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hey y'all!

i haven't updated in a LOOONNNNGG TIME...but things have been kind of rough.

my mood still isn't what i want it to be, but it's getting there...

i also have strep throat..yipee.

anyways...i hope everybody has the MERRIEST CHRISTMAS you could ever hope to have!


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(no subject) [Dec. 1st, 2005|05:27 pm]
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Rest in Peace, Tera Morris

Your life touched so many, and your story will continue to touch others!

We know you are looking down upon all of us with your pretty purple wings fluttering happily!

Tera's Place

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(no subject) [Oct. 30th, 2005|01:00 pm]
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So yesterday morning, i'm sound asleep and my daddy comes in my room and says, "hey do you wanna drive down to tuscaloosa and try to find tickets for the game?"...I'm like HECK yes!

So we drive to t-town (with no tickets yet) and hang out with some of my dad's buddies from the club...one of his friend's son's has a house that is really close to bryant-denny...we ate there and then went and got some tickets...they were pretty expensive but hey...our tide is ROLLIN' well this year!

The game was rather boring (35-3) but ya know what? I didn't care b/c i got to be with my dad...

I love him sooo much!



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(no subject) [Oct. 22nd, 2005|06:04 pm]
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(no subject) [Oct. 21st, 2005|02:34 pm]
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(no subject) [Oct. 18th, 2005|06:23 pm]
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today i was told i have excellent stage presence...

wow...i've never been told that before!


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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2005|02:59 pm]
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correct me if i'm wrong (i haven't been at school in a while) but does anybody else think this new dress code thing is bogus?

i suggested to my mom that they get a group of parents together and suggest we have uniforms...think about it...no competition, no worry about what to wear in the morning, everybody looks the same, no dress code issues!


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(no subject) [Oct. 14th, 2005|11:46 am]
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i know this is kind of old but...


tom cruise is a IDIOTCollapse )

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(no subject) [Oct. 11th, 2005|10:01 am]
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As some of you know (from my last post) my life has not been much fun for the past couple of weeks. Don't take it personally if I don't act all happy and bubbly right now, I'm not mad at you. If I snap at you please don't take it as anything serious...I still love you! If I don't feel like doing anything on the weekend...it doesn't mean I don't want to hang out with you...all it means is that I'm having a hard time right now and just want to be at home.  I'm just having some personal issues at the moment and I would appriciate some understanding...it bugs me to talk about school and how much I've missed...I am totally aware of how much I've missed...and I've got it taken care of...

I just want to thank all of my friends for all of their support...

To some this may see like not such a big thing...but for me...it's (for lack of a better word) HELL.


...Still Praying...


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